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Hello, my name is Shaun Smith. I’ve been online now for just over 6 years. At the start I didn’t have a clue what to do; I bought virtually every package out there, going round in circles getting frustrated almost daily. Then, one day I found a mentor, someone that I could phone and ask questions, get help and advice. Within weeks I started to make money online. 

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The dimensions in marketing is quite complicated at times however, the rate at which network marketing has developed is really commendable. More and more people believe in the power of this profession and there are millions of people who are part of this marketing service especially since this job is lucrative beyond doubt. By being lucrative, it does not mean that you start to reap benefits within a matter of a few weeks; however, as you work hard and invest your time into this, you will notice that it is a wonderful method through which you can earn from home. In fact, network marketing has really changed the face of home-based businesses and has provided each of us the unique offer of earning well from home.

If you plan to pursue network marketing as a long-term profession and would really like to make your mark in this field, then you need to be well-versed with the basics in this field and these are:

1) Identifying your client base - It is important to market to those consumers who would definitely like to buy your products. Building your group of potential clients is the best way to start of your career at network marketing. Once you start off on this track, you are sure to find a positive direction of movement of your business.

2) Marketing Knowledge - A little knowledge of the marketing sectors would be a plus point but in case you do not have it, you need to start learning the basics as well as the tricks of the trade which would definitely help you in your venture.

Always bear it in your mind that network marketing is not a kind of 'get-rich-quick' scheme but a decent way of earning your livelihood and it is only through sheer hard work that you will be able to achieve your goals in this field.

Shaun Smith is an internet marketer who has been helping people out by coaching, training and mentoring them for the past 6 years and also helps people in internet marketing.